We keep your business up and running, no matter what.

A pandemic is scary, but your technology shouldn’t be.

Whether you’re still adjusting to evolving changes in your business or interested in making it pandemic proof for the future, you need a partner you can trust. Just like PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is designed to keep you healthy and safe in the midst of a pandemic, PPT (Pandemic Proven Technology) is designed to keep your business up and running, even during a pandemic. Solution Builders will do the heavy lifting for you as your technology partner and help you follow CDC guidelines, as well as empower your employees in their remote working efforts with technology that’s secure, efficient, and safe. Solution Builders has the tools and expertise to help you reach your technology goals by proactively addressing future ones.

What is Pandemic
Proven Technology?

Much like PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) has proven to be an effective method to protect you from airborne diseases, PPT (Pandemic Proven Technology) is a proven process of how we handle all your technology needs. We call it SB360 and it consists of discussions with our clients to gain better understanding, review of your network, long term planning, predictability into the stability of your network, and finally providing our Virtual CIO services where you get a dedicated resource to oversee your IT.

Proactive: You shouldn’t have to worry about reacting, rather being prepared by being proactive. Our proactive services monitor and protect your network.

Network Administration: We constantly monitor your IT network with a dedicated team member who maintains the quality and health of your network.

Virtual CIO: With a dedicated Client Relations resource and a Virtual CIO, you get white-glove treatment by having a Chief Information Officer, without the huge payroll cost.

Professional Services: If you happen to need someone to come to you, we will deploy a technician on-site to solve your technology issues and fix your hardware, peripherals, and servers.

We Rescue Your Business from Technology Issues as Your Technology Partner

Since 1995, Solution Builders has been working with Twin Cities businesses just like yours to solve typical IT and technology issues. We do this by aligning your technology needs and resources as a trusted technology partner because of the proven and scalable approach we take with your business. We do this by providing outsourced technology solutions to industries such as accounting and financial services, healthcare organizations, foundations and not-for-profit, manufacturing, and other general businesses struggling with their technology.

We make it painless for employees to work remotely and stay safe.

Remote working is new to some, but it’s here to stay. We can help plan for a future of working from home for your employees that complies simply and easily to your business’ Work from Home policy. Need help troubleshooting current or past problems for remote working? Looking for secure methods in which to communicate, share documents or conduct important meetings? Solution Builders is here to help.