How to Keep Your Business and IT Up and Running During a Pandemic

We are in unprecedented times, aren’t we?

COVID-19 has affected every single person on the planet, in one way or another. The pandemic has changed the way our world is operating, which of course means it has changed the way we conduct business.

And although that’s scary, you’re not doing it alone. We’re here, as your technology partners, to walk beside you in this uncertain time.

We believe that with your tenacity and the spirit with which you built your company along with our expertise in technology and partnership in business, you can come through this difficult time, stronger than ever. We want to start with some basic ways to keep your business up and running during the pandemic.

Put Health and Safety First

The health and safety of you, your employees, and your customers/clients are the priority.

Make sure you are adhering to CDC guidelines by wearing a face mask, keeping a social distance of at least six feet, and keeping up with basic hygiene such as washing your hands. It’s people first and in the midst of the pandemic, that comes before anything else.

Asses Your Business’ Current Position

Take stock of everything in your business.

Financials, inventory, revenue, industry trends, etc. It’s important before you start moving forward that you acknowledge what is going on in your business right now and what actions you took leading up to your current situation. There is a possibility that some things could stay the same moving forward, but you don’t know that until you analyze your position as a business.

Put Together A Plan

After assessing where you are, get writing that plan!

Make sure to add in the guidelines of the CDC and take into consideration that things will probably not be returning to “normal” soon. All business decisions incur risk, but make sure none of those risks are your people. Think about what your business goals were before the pandemic and asses those to see if they’re still possible or not. Create a plan that incorporates the current situation but can still help your business survive and perhaps even grow in the coming months.

Keep Communication Clear and Open

The worst thing you can do right now is stop talking.

Talk to your employees. Talk to your customers and clients, and use communication tools like Microsoft Team to create as many touchpoints of communication as possible. And make sure those communications are clear and consistent. Be open and honest and invite feedback and conversation. Your employees and customers/clients are afraid of the uncertainty as well. Make sure they know how much you care and that you won’t leave them alone in this time.

Work Remotely (if you can)

When assessing your business and making a plan for its future in the middle of the pandemic, consider whether you can move your company to a remote working business model.

Obviously not all businesses can do this, but for those who can: this is one way to fulfill your top priority of keeping your employees safe while also keeping your business running. This is also a way to be doing your own part in stopping the spread of COVID-19. This is important on both a personal and global scale to incorporate working remotely into your current and future business model.

Have a Technology Plan

In the midst of all the assessing and planning, it is essential that you have a plan for your technology.

ESPECIALLY if you’re going to be having yourself and your employees working from home. Keeping safe physically during a pandemic is important and so is keeping your data safe. How can you do that? Get with (virtually) an IT expert to help you put together a comprehensive plan for your technology. Let us here at Solution Builders, be a partner to you during this difficult time. We can help you use the latest and greatest technology to keep you and your business safe and up and running. This pandemic is scary, but your technology shouldn’t be – and we can help eliminate that fear.

Fill out our form below and let us partner with you during this uncertain time. A pandemic is scary. Your technology shouldn’t be.